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Hello and welcome to the Be crushed by a speeding wall Wiki! This wiki is still very young and is need of content. Please feel free to add anything related to the game. Edit

     To access The code room the wall must be near spawn. Then behind where the wall was to the left is a cavity with a key pad. Type 2003 Into the keypad and click the green enter button. If you make a mistake while typing the code, press clear. The floor to the space will disappear and you should be teleported to the next room. Edit

*If you are not teleported, move your avatar. Edit

*By now you will not have a inventory, as some items would compromise the rooms. Edit

The second room has a black wall with a keypad next to it. Touching the keypad  or wall will normally kill you. On the opposite side of the room, there is a hole. The next number is written in the room, you'll have to jump on someone's head to get in. Edit

*Do note, this code changes by server by day, as with several others. Edit

When you are in the room follow the path carefully as touching the lava will kill you. The code is on the silver plate at the end. Go back and type the code. The black wall will turn translucent for a few seconds. While it is translucent walk through it. Edit

The next code is the owner of the map's roblox ID. You will have you can see it if you look wordt his roblox page on a computer. Type 641139 in the keypad. In the next room on a wall is a 4 digit code. Type it in the keypad. Edit

You should now be in a big room. The code here is in the badge *45702*

Like the 2nd room it is a person ID which is 31099. The next code is 1337.

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